Beauty and Luxury in Waterfront Apartments in Metung

Metung, located on the Gippsland Lakes, is a well-kept secret, but that’s about to change. Metung’s amazing views, variety of entertainment, rich culture, environment, and weather make it simply too good not to share! Whether you’re visiting for a brief vacation or planning on an extended stay, you can find beautiful and luxurious waterfront apartments in Metung.

Entire books can be written about the wonders to be explored in Metung. It is a dream vacation spot and there is plenty of information online about this secret getaway. No matter what time of year you plan to visit, amazing and luxurious waterfront apartments in Metung are available for rent year-round.

Waterfront Luxury

Situated on the gorgeous Paynesville Canals, you will find comfortable and elegant waterfront apartments in Metung. Some of the special amenities include:

  • Private Jetty for Each Apartment

  • Quality Manchester Towels and Linens

  • Washing Machine and Dryer

  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

  • Dishwasher and Wash Supplies

  • Daily Apartment Servicing Available

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Fully Self-Contained Kitchen

  • Private BBQ on your Deck

  • Master Bedrooms with Water Views

  • Two Large Flat screen TVs in Master Bedroom and Living Area plus DVD

  • High Quality Pillow-Top Beds

  • Carports

The beautiful and luxurious waterfront apartments in Metung are spacious and include three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and fully self-contained accommodations. One and two bedroom apartments are also available.

Paynesville Canals

The soothing and calm Paynesville Canals are perfect for swimming, fishing, kayaking, and stand-up-paddle-boarding. If you are a novice, experts and instructors in each of these areas are easy to find. With plenty of activities for adults and children of all ages, you will never be bored when staying on the Paynesville Canals.

While many vacationers and tourists come to Metung to relax and rejuvenate, others come here to retire in a peaceful community of friendly neighbors and beautiful weather. Short term waterfront apartments in Metung can be rented for vacationers while long-term rentals are available for those who wish to retire or spend an extended period of time.

Captains Cove is one of the first-rate choices in Metung waterfront apartments. They offer spacious accommodations with several different ground level and upper level floor plans and amenities that include an indoor heated swimming pool, tennis courts, and more. Only five minutes away from fine dining and entertainment, these luxury apartments are a steal at their current rental rate. Check out for more information or to make your reservation now!

A Hotel in Gippsland Lakes Offers Year-Round Enjoyment

Any time of the year is the perfect time to visit a hotel in Gippsland Lakes in Victoria, Australia. Comprised of several connected lagoons spread over an area of about 354 square kilometres, the Gippsland Lakes area offers enjoyment in every season.

Winter Snow Sports and Sights

If you enjoy winter sports and sights, you’ll want to book your room early at a hotel in Gippsland Lakes. Mt. Baw Baw will provide you with exhilarating scenery as well as slopes for skiing, snowboarding, or ski-tubing. If you prefer tobogganing or cross-country skiing, Mt. Baw Baw and Mt. St. Gwinear are the perfect destinations. Gippsland Lakes is also a hotspot for winter fishing.

Spring Wildflowers and Wildlife

In the springtime, you can see an abundance of wildflowers come to life around the Gippsland Lakes. Wildlife also abounds, including kangaroos, wombats, koalas, and kookaburras. Marine life includes dolphins and pelicans and over 190 other species. Take advantage of the temperate climate to experience nature on one of the many bushwalking or bike riding trails. After a day of exploring, head back to your hotel in Gippsland Lakes to relax and watch the sunset from your waterfront holiday apartment.

Summer Sun and Water Activities

Gippsland Lakes is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Victoria, perfect for picnics and soaking up some sun. For those who prefer to get wet, try surfing, water skiing, swimming, or white-water rafting. If you’d rather get out of the sun, explore one of the many caves in the area on guided tours. Take a boat ride and explore the many islands in the area by ferry or water jetty. You’ll find many scenic areas for camping in national parks, or if you prefer, you can always find a great hotel in Gippsland Lakes.

Autumn Exploration Prospects

Autumn in Gippsland Lakes brings crisp, blue skies and more opportunities to explore. There are many fine wineries in the area as well as some local breweries. Sample some local seafood at one of the many seaside restaurants. Jump in your car and take a daytrip to discover small country towns, rugged coastlines, and breath-taking landscape. Be sure to stop at one of the many museums or shops along the way. Photo enthusiasts won’t want to miss the Eagle Point Bluff lookout point, accessible by the Mitchell River silt jetty.

And Much More!

There are so many more amazing things to do and see at Gippsland Lakes. Visit to book your holiday today. 

A Holiday House in Bairnsdale is your Home Away from Home

Three hours away by car from Melbourne, Bairnsdale is a perfect base for jaunts in the Gippsland region of Victoria. A holiday house in Bairnsdale offers a welcome home-like retreat after a day full of activities in the area. The country town also offers good food, scenic drives and cultural trails.

Things to Do in Town

The Twin Rivers Food and Wine Trail takes visitors to berry farms, fruit orchards, wineries and restaurants. Tour the historic St. Mary’s Church, museums, art galleries, antique and craft shops in the town. The Bataluk Cultural Trail offers a window into Koorie culture and history. The Krowathunkoolong Keeping Place showcases the history and artefacts of the Gunaikurnai people. Visitors can buy all sorts of gear from local shops. The small town is packed with a lot of things to do, yet there is much more to do elsewhere in the region.

Venturing Away from Bairnsdale Can Take You in Different Directions

Anyone who comes here has come to relax in a natural wonderland. Alpine forests, coastal wilderness, rivers and the Gippsland Lakes offer many opportunities to while away the time and recharge your batteries. Situated at the junction of Princes Highway and the Great Alpine Road, it offers a link to the Alpine region of Dinner Plain, Mount Hotham and Omeo.

From a holiday house in Bairnsdale as your base, you can venture out and rent cruisers and yachts for overnight trips or travel through the protected waters of the Lakes system or other water-based activities. There is no shortage of places to visit in this region, which is also only two hours from the Alpine forests of Victoria.

It is Healthy to Enjoy a Break from Work

It is a good idea to stop work and go on a short, relaxing escape. This time off can refresh the mind, revitalise the body, release stress, and bring you back to work more energised than before. There is plenty of information available online on what you can do in any location.

The Benefits of Choosing a Home for Your Visit

Spending time with loved ones is an opportunity you can enjoy in a home, where you can also cook up a storm of gourmet meals. This rental option can be cheaper per head than a hotel, and it gives you more privacy. With online accessibility, a good holiday house in Bairnsdale is as easy to book now as a hotel. It is not difficult to find a property that has the advantage of a great location and offers guest reviews to help you decide.

Call today and see what has to offer.

Catch and Release Fishing in Lakes Entrance

Want to have a fun night out fishing with your mates down at Lakes Entrance? Try prawning. Bottom-feeding Bream are being taken around the town jetties on prawn. Even if no Bream are caught, the Prawns are so tasty, sweet, and easily taken, that you will not miss a meal.

Why Catch and Release?

Lakes Entrance is a sport-fishing destination where “Catch and Release” practices are actively promoted. This means take what you plan to cook on the barbie, but release the rest back to the water. Except for the fish selected for evening meals, the catch is usually freed to be caught another day. However, the freed fish get more cunning with each throwback. Don’t be surprised if you are never able to take them again.

What Makes Lakes Entrance a Home Away from Home?

Comfortable cabins in the Lakes Entrance area make this a great escape for fishing and holidays away. Park the boat, barbie your catch and watch the sun set on the waters. Or, you can just go to the lakeside beach to sunbathe, splash through shallows, or relax on a lounge with a cold drink in hand.

Enjoy a spot of fishing off the pier, get some bait advice from those in the know, and before the first sunset, you’ll be having a most enjoyable time relaxing amongst a slower pace. Just what suburban Melbournians need these days.

Try the coffees at local shops for breakfast, enjoy fish and chips for lunch, and if you have no luck catching your own dinner, try the local fare by dining in town. Even a died- in-the-wool Melbourne foodie will find this likeable. All in all, though, it will be worth the experience.

Find Your Best Fishing Spot

Lakes Entrance is known as a seafood capital, thanks to the variety and quantity of fish in the area. You’ll take Salmon on the surf, baiting with pilchard and yaks, but the Salmon at Rigby Island and Channel want prawn and blue bait. Find the Pinkies, Snapper and Flathead hiding offshore in shallow waters. Gummies can usually be taken with pilchard or squid, depending on their fancy.

Whether you are a beginner or a salty seadog, the experienced and professional fishing guides at Lakes Entrance can provide you with expert tuition that will have you confidently catching fish in no time at all. You and your mates will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Check out for more information or to make lodging reservations now!

Kick Back and Relax By Fishing in Gippsland Lakes

There are very few places in the world that offer the amazingly diverse waterways and fantastic fishing opportunities found in the Gippsland Lakes. Fishing in Gippsland Lakes opens the door to limitless adventure and boasts a long list of diverse fish species in the pristine waters. When fishing in Gippsland Lakes, it’s common to find bream, salmon, whiting, mulloway, tailor, luderick, perch, and flathead.

You’ll find incredible access to beautiful fishing hot spots around Paynesville, Mallacoota, Lakes Entrance, and Metung. The towns surrounding these gorgeous lakes all have the supplies you’ll need, accommodations, and plenty of advice from the local residents on where and when to fish.

There are many ways you can enjoy fishing in Gippsland Lakes:

  • Beach Fishing – Gippsland offers over 500 kilometres of beautiful coastline, guaranteed to make your fishing adventure a truly memorable one! If you know when and where you should go, the beaches offer extensive opportunities for many laid back days of fishing!

  • Lake Fishing – Enjoy the limitless adventure of fishing on the breathtaking Gippsland Lakes. Rent a boat or bring your own for a leisurely day upon the lake, casting your line into the calming waters. There are several public jetties for those who would rather fish from shore. Enjoy Blue Rock Lake, Lake Narracan, Lake Hyland, Lake Glenmaggie, and many more!

  • River Fishing – Experience the peace and tranquility of fishing the extraordinary rivers of Gippsland. The Gippsland Rivers grow from small mountain streams and turn into wide, slow moving rivers as they get closer to the sea. There are so many rivers to choose from, including the Tambo, Nicholson, and Mitchell.

Fishing in Gippsland Lakes is an experience you’ll never forget, and one you’ll definitely want to come back for! With over 354 square kilometres of breathtaking lakes, marshes, and lagoons, you’re sure to always find adventure. The Gippsland Lakes boast over 400 indigenous species of plants and over 300 native species of wildlife, truly offering broad opportunities for exploration for nature lovers.

The Gippsland Lakes have something for everyone, but the possibilities for fishing are just too fantastic to not take advantage of. These incredible lakes also boast wide open blue skies, hundreds of kilometres of pristine wilderness, and is truly a place where you’ll make memories you won’t ever forget. Visit Captain’s Cove to find out how you can experience these marvelous lakes at

Finding Accommodation in Metung, Australia

Vacationing in Australia can be the ultimate dream for many people. The vast continent boasts beautiful beaches, grassy plains, bustling cities, indigenous local cultures and unique animals. But at the end of all the fun activities, a tourist in Australia always needs to find lodgings. Here is a guide on why you should visit this great town and how to find accommodation in Metung.

Why Metung, Australia?

Metung is a small town of just over 1,200 people. The friendly population and the calming town lifestyle make it the perfect place for tourists to sit back and relax. Being a coastal town, it has refreshing weather, averaging from about 51°F to 67°F, and lots of seafood! Plus there are a lot of fun activities within Metung including:

  • Boating/sailing

  • Fishing

  • Golfing (golf course)

  • Mini-golfing

  • Archery

  • Tennis

  • Boat tours

  • Waterskiing, knee boarding, or wakeboarding (lessons are available)

  • Visiting local farmer’s markets available every weekend

There are also surrounding cities and landmarks within an hour’s drive away, such as:

With all these things to do, you and your family will never be bored while staying in Metung.

Finding Accommodation in Metung

Since the town is so small, finding accommodation during your visit will not be difficult at all. To make the most out of your visit, it’s recommended to get a lodging in a coastal hotel or resort. There you will get the best views and immediate access to all the exciting water activities that Metung has to offer. At the same time, it would not be too far from the town festivities.

One great place to consider for accommodation in Metung is the Captain’s Cove; located right on the coast of the Grippsland lakes. You can walk right out of your doorstep and onto a boat where you can tour all the lakes and take part in the water sports. They also provide various amenities, such as:

  • Tennis courts

  • Private boat rentals

  • BBQs (on the boats too!)

  • Boat, car and trailer parking

  • Reception halls open 7 days a week for any of your events

  • Indoor heated swimming pool

  • Kayak and paddle board rental

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • 18 accommodations, with 1-3 bedroom rates (also available for apartment rental as well)

  • Designated area for cleaning boats and fish

  • 5-10 minute walk to town restaurants, supermarkets and cafes

Why Not Start Your Visit Soon?

Visiting Metung is a great choice anytime of the year. The amazing weather, calm lifestyle, and peaceful atmosphere will make it the best place to have your next vacation. Book today at